I speak at technology conferences, user groups, meetups and other events throughout the year. Check out my current roster of talks, and if you’d like me to present one at your event, shoot me an e-mail (tori dot brenneison at gmail dot com) to talk logistics about talks!

Current Talks:

  • Why We Don’t Need More Women in Tech
  • The Vue.js Power Hour
  • The Care and Feeding of Bootcamp Graduates
  • Teaching Skills for Technical Experts
  • Campfire to Conference Room

Why We Don’t Need More Women in Tech

Abstract: It’s a common rallying cry: “We need more women in tech!”… but is it true? Is the solution to male-dominated technology workplaces simply to shovel more women into the talent pipeline? That’s what we’ve been trying for the past decade… and it’s not working, when over a third of women in technology report a desire to leave the industry within the next two years, and half of young women leave the field entirely by age 35.

Here’s a wake-up call for men in the industry: there will be more women in tech, if and when you stop pushing them out.

(Yes, the vast majority of you mean well, but… let’s be honest, things in this industry could be a lot better, and it’s not women’s responsibility to fix it up.)

This talk, given by a real, live woman technologist, examines the unconscious gender bias present in the tech industry and its effect on women’s career trajectories. We’ll look at the data surrounding women in technology, misogyny, and workplace attrition, the causes and impact of that attrition, and what has been done so far to try and address the issue, as well as discuss strategies for combating bias and installing inclusive, fair workplace practices. Attendees will get a glimpse into the working lives of women in the technology field, and, by the end of the session, be prepared to make their workplaces a better place… for everyone.

Note: for brevity and directness of impact, this talk specifically addresses issues affecting women in the technology industry. However, the strategies and suggested practices for furthering inclusion and fair workplace practices are directly applicable or easily translatable to other minority identities in tech, and also to non-tech workspaces.

This talk has been presented at: CodeMash 2023

A slide from “Why We Don’t Need More Women in Tech”.

The Care and Feeding of Bootcamp Graduates

Abstract: So… you just hired a bootcamp graduate. Now what?!

They’re not your typical entry-level candidate. They might need slightly more mentorship on the technical side, and slightly less on the business side. Perhaps they’re overwhelmed by the size of the company codebase, or perplexed by some of the new software and services they need to learn. They may not know how to manage expense accounts, paid time off, retirement plans or health insurance–or even that those benefits are available.

But… many of them have had jobs before. They come with plenty of valuable experience from other fields. They’re motivated! Teachable! Destined for success… with your help. In this session, we’ll discuss some of the hurdles bootcamp grads face entering the field, and how to help them navigate their new normal. We’ll talk about inclusivity in recruiting, empathy in onboarding, and the unique mentorship needs of career changers.

This talk has been presented at: CodeMash 2023

A slide from “The Care and Feeding of Bootcamp Graduates”. This slide is formatted to match the “binary vaporwave” theme of CodeMash 2023.

Teaching Skills for Technical Experts

Abstract: Bad news: tech folks are not always the most compelling teachers. (It’s not our fault; we’re used to talking to computers, not people!)

Good news: teaching people is a learnable skill.

Best news: this talk is a 45-minute primer on educational philosophy, curriculum development, and content delivery for technical experts.

We’ll cover learning styles, effective communication, and audience management–AKA, how to “read the room”… even if the room is a video conference! That’s right; post-2020, this talk has been updated to include information on hybrid and remote learning. Participants will leave ready to share their expertise with the world via more effective meetings, conference talks, workshops, and mentoring sessions… face-to-face, or camera-to-camera.

This talk has been presented at: Stir Trek 2019, Self.Conf 2019, Kansas City Developer Conference 2023, CodeMash 2024

This talk was recorded at Stir Trek 2019, and you can watch it on YouTube!

A slide from version 2.0 of “Teaching Skills for Technical Experts”, including content on remote interaction.

The Vue.js Power Hour: Building a Dynamic Frontend in <60 Minutes

Abstract: Are you a beginner developer who is curious about JS component frameworks? A backend developer who wants to add a frontend skill to their toolbox? A data analyst looking for a quick way to build views? Have we got a deal for you!

Vue.js is a relatively straightforward and increasingly popular JavaScript component framework. It has become a developer favorite for being easy to use, lightning fast, highly flexible, and quick to learn.

Join development instructor Tori Brenneison as she covers the absolute bare-bones basics of Vue… in under an hour. We’ll go from a static page to a dynamic frontend by covering components, directives, and data binding.

This session is perfect for beginner and intermediate developers who are looking to learn -just enough- Vue to be dangerous. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to start building with Vue.js in only 60 minutes (or less)!

This talk has been presented at: CodeMash 2024

Campfire to Conference Room: All I Need To Know About Leadership I Learned From the Girl/Boy Scouts

Abstract: Leadership skills are highly valued in the workplace, but they often seem hard to cultivate without holding a formal leadership position. It turns into a catch-22: “I got turned down for the manager position because I don’t have managerial experience, but how do I get managerial experience without having managerial experience?” This circular question leaves many aspiring leaders feeling stuck in a frustrating cycle of uncertainty.

Good news! The solution lies in recognizing that leadership isn’t solely confined to formal roles. There’s a range of leadership lessons to be found in everyday experiences, and this session demonstrates how we can practice and enhance our leadership skills regardless of our current job title. In this session, we’ll explore leadership principles that are ingrained in everyday life: from teamwork and communication, to adaptability and resilience. Drawing inspiration from two of the USA’s most popular youth leadership organizations, Girl Scouts of the USA and the Boy Scouts of America, we’ll gain valuable insight into everyday leadership behaviors, and explore practical ways to apply those behaviors at work.

Attendees will leave this session with a new appreciation for the range of leadership skills cultivated through seemingly mundane activities, and strategies for applying those skills in their professional lives.

This talk has been presented at: No conferences yet, this one is brand new!

Retired Talks:

  • The Recovering Rockstar (Heartifacts 2020)
  • Strangelove.js, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Framework War (Self.Conf 2018)
  • Shine Theory 101 (Heartifacts 2018)